About Me

Paolo Prevosto, musician and collector, “Simulakrum Lab” creator, a science fiction and hi-tech enthusiast since the 90′, is a collector of props and original gears coming from the most famous science fiction,horror and other genres movies. Paolo Prevosto has enriched his collection during the years, until it has become one of the most interesting in its genre, as a reference to other collectors and SCI-FI enthusiasts.


He collaborated with Warner Bros Italia and he managed exhibitions with SF theme, gathering many important guests, such as Mike Whittle, NASA scientist of SKYLAB project, actor Prentis Hancock from “Space: 1999” and the italian astronaut Umberto Guidoni.

Paolo has extended his collection with objects actually used in real U.S.A. and international space missions and militaria.
Aside of these wonderful memorabilia, Paolo owns vintage music instruments and analog synthetizers.
This research has become the source of inspiration for the “Simulakrum Lab” music project www.simulakrumlab.com